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verschneite berge haben mich in österreich zu weihnachten empfangen. hab endlich mal wieder des österreichers nationalsport verübt und silvester auf einer kleinen hütte auf der turnauer alm mit freunden im iglu gefeiert. dank euch leutls! war ne fette sache!

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Touring through Croatia: Split, Hvar, Omis, and Trogir (14.08.07 - 21.08.07)
No wonder that everyone on Hvar has a "Mini", because the streets there are extraordinary super-mini !!! And near National Park Krka we were at some wind wheels on a hill. Was the first time I ve seen them so close, and I havn't known that they are pretty fast ...
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The result of one of those fabulous nights with my bosom friend marlene can be viewed below ... oiskipoiski putschika :) !!

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Blog yeah! 
I decided to create a blog. Since i'm going to Lyon in the middle of September i will use that blog like a diary; not only for myself, but also for my family and all my friends to know what's going on in my life ...

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